Who we are...
Huron Valley Soap Company.  Maker of quality handmade soaps and other bath and body products.  
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Huron Valley Soap Company was started as a hobby by Kathy, who was (and still is!) fascinated with the chemical process
of taking a caustic soda (lye) and mixing it with various oils to wind up with soap.  What a thought that these two items so
"non" soap-like would turn into something so cleansing, nourishing and amazing!  The hobby grew until friends and family
couldn't possibly use all of the soap she was making, so the business of bringing these wonderful soaps to others was

Kathy enjoys making all of the toiletry products listed on this site.  Her father, Robert, helps out with order processing,
inventory, shipping and bookkeeping.  
Huron Valley is located in south-east Michigan.  
Where we are...
Huron Valley Soap Co offers both 100% natural products and various "almost" natural products.  Our all-natural items are
either unscented, or have been scented with pure essential oils.  They also may include herbs for color and exfoliation.  Our
all-natural products are noted in the item description.

Our "almost" natural products may have synthetic fragrance oils and colorants added.  We offer these products in order to
provide a wider range of scents and colors to our customers.
Natural vs "Almost Natural" Soap...